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The mission of Law Women is to promote the success of women in the legal field, and to advocate for women's rights and gender justice locally and globally.

We provide educational support and advice to law students, including peer counseling and academic resources. 

We foster strong relationships both within Law Women and across the larger law school community, striving to cultivate diversity and inclusion.

We strive to support and cultivate awareness of the mental and emotional health of NYU Law's women.

We facilitate professional connections and mentorship opportunities with NYU alumnae and the broader legal community through networking events and professional development panels. 

We organize community service opportunities and collaborate with a variety of student groups.

We advocate for women’s rights and gender justice on the national and international stages, proactively bringing attention on campus to important issues women face in the world today.

We pledge to encourage diversity and inclusion in all of our events, striving to represent and respect the perspectives of those from a variety of races, ethnicities, classes, sexual orientations, religions, physical abilities, and mental abilities.

Law Women incorporates these elements into our yearly calendar of events. Some highlights include the continuation of our successful Peer Mentorship Program and our Alumnae Mentorship Program, a series of 'Day in the Life' Panels featuring successful women working in a variety of legal fields, and our annual Law Women Alumnae Reception.

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